To COR, or not to COR…

CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION (COR) is a registered Trademark of the Alberta Construction Safety Association) If you read our blog from October of last year, you know that practical data science is our jam! We have done a lot of research and are very excited to share some of our results with you. Our goal is … Continue reading To COR, or not to COR…

Becoming a Practical Data Scientist

When I told my colleagues at the university that I was leaving to start a new career in the commercial sector, their first response was mostly shock and disbelief. In their defense, an academic leaving after five years of successful research and teaching is not something you see every day. It may not seem like … Continue reading Becoming a Practical Data Scientist

Using Data to Reduce Injuries and Costs

Guest Blog by Ed Pyle, SCSA It is common for construction companies to collect safety data from their safety processes and procedures and for managers to review safety incidents and financial reports to understand the frequency, cost and severity of injuries.  These reports help to understand OHS failures of the past and the impact these … Continue reading Using Data to Reduce Injuries and Costs

Ouch!!! Real, Bad Data

These are real examples….. Date of Incident: “Last week” Name:  “Big Willy” Sex:” Sometimes” Location: “Out back” Cause: “Operator is f**king stupid” We work with a lot of companies and they tell us about their funny but problematic issues with getting workers to write good health & safety reports.  Getting your workers to report is … Continue reading Ouch!!! Real, Bad Data

What is EHS Analytics? (And then there was light…)

EHS Analytics was built to remove barriers to collecting, analysing and collaborating on multi-organisational environment, health and safety (EH&S) data. This was a brand new concept and we didn’t know if it was going to work. When we hatched the idea in 2015, putting your data in the cloud was scary enough let alone allowing … Continue reading What is EHS Analytics? (And then there was light…)