Getting Past the Safety Plateau

After spending the majority of my adult career in health and safety (I would say how long that is but then everyone would know my age 😊) I have seen a lot of changes, mostly for the better. But, to be honest, things have started to stagnate. Sure, there is always something new, the flavour … Continue reading Getting Past the Safety Plateau

Safety Fatigue Part Deux

I have searched google for “safety fatigue” many times. It has only ever turned up articles on tired workers and how to combat this issue. I think we, at EHS, may be the only ones who use this term. We use it a lot in our work and discussions with clients. Curiously though, every time … Continue reading Safety Fatigue Part Deux

Tired of Safety?

Tired of safety? You’re not alone. Have you ever heard “safety is a waste of time”?  Me too. Many times. I’ve also heard complaints of managers that don’t visit sites yet make policy, unrealistic expectations of executive because of bonuses, policies that are enacted and never removed even when conditions change… the list goes on. … Continue reading Tired of Safety?

If You’re Not Ahead, You’re Behind

Advice for transitioning into a Po-Co world (Po-Co = Post Covid) Here we are in the eighth month of the biggest health crisis in modern history. If we have learned one thing from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that data driven decisions are not only important, they can be matters of life and death. Without … Continue reading If You’re Not Ahead, You’re Behind

Seven Deadly Sins of Safety Data

After years of working with many organisations collecting their safety data, we have seen it all. Trust us. We see the same mistakes over and over. We don’t want to pretend we are the angels in this scenario – we have made our fair share of errors too, don’t worry. In order to help you … Continue reading Seven Deadly Sins of Safety Data

COR Should be at the Core

By Mark Cooper, President & CEO, Saskatchewan Construction Association Construction projects are often the most expensive and complex undertakings that an individual, a family, or a business undertake. The projects can be years in the planning, can take many months to complete, and typically involve a seemingly endless number of tasks and considerations. Why is … Continue reading COR Should be at the Core

Thoughts From My Career as an Association Executive

We have all heard the old saying “May you live in interesting times”. Regardless of where this saying originated, I can tell you that after more than 5 months into the COVID Pandemic it did give me pause to consider not just the times we have been living in, but how I have been living … Continue reading Thoughts From My Career as an Association Executive

What is EHS Analytics? (And then there was light…)

EHS Analytics was built to remove barriers to collecting, analysing and collaborating on multi-organisational environment, health and safety (EH&S) data. This was a brand new concept and we didn’t know if it was going to work. When we hatched the idea in 2015, putting your data in the cloud was scary enough let alone allowing … Continue reading What is EHS Analytics? (And then there was light…)