Artificial Intelligence is not a Magic Box

If you haven’t heard of Artificial Intelligence by now then you’ve been living under a rock. AI is everywhere and it’s touted as a solution to all humanity’s problems. However, despite the sexy term and AI’s household-name status, it’s still very much a science that requires deep expertise to use it correctly. One cannot simply … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence is not a Magic Box

Getting Past the Safety Plateau

After spending the majority of my adult career in health and safety (I would say how long that is but then everyone would know my age 😊) I have seen a lot of changes, mostly for the better. But, to be honest, things have started to stagnate. Sure, there is always something new, the flavour … Continue reading Getting Past the Safety Plateau

Safety Fatigue Part Deux

I have searched google for “safety fatigue” many times. It has only ever turned up articles on tired workers and how to combat this issue. I think we, at EHS, may be the only ones who use this term. We use it a lot in our work and discussions with clients. Curiously though, every time … Continue reading Safety Fatigue Part Deux